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Men's Stripe Suits

Men's Stripe Suits

Men Stripe Suits

Nothing slims and flatters the male figure like men’s stripe suits. The stripes can range from a bold pinstripe to subtly understated shadow stripes. The Men Stripe Suits come a range of colors – from a bright, royal blue to muted charcoal or taupe, or even unbleached linen. 

They are the first word in men’s fashion; and Men Suits are available at wholesale prices. With this affordable pricing, sartorial excellence is available to almost everyone. A good suit is an important purchase for many reasons. It can mean the difference between getting a long-desired job or attracting the right kind of attention from that special woman. Certain special occasions, such as weddings, cry out for a well-made suit.

Choosing the right Men Strip Suit is a decision that must work with the wearer’s personal body style. Men Slim Suits are cut to flatter and trim the male figure. For wearer’s who wish to look a little more slim, vertical strips are an optimal choice. For wearer’s who wish to look a little more buff, horizontal stripes can make a slim form look a little larger. Stripe choices include a basic stripe, a pin stripe or subtly understated shadow stripes. There is even a contoured stripe. Jackets come in one, two, three or even seven button styles. The suits can be in basic cuts or in the famous “zoot suit” cut, made popular in the days of speakeasies. 

Choices in Men Strip Suits do not end there! Wearers may choose a two or three piece suit. Lapel styles vary with the number of buttons on the suit. Vests may be purchased separately for greater variety in color choice, perfect to expand any wardrobe. 


Mens Striped Suits Los Angeles

We know what it takes to make men look debonair with our Mens Striped Suits Los Angeles. You will not want to shop anywhere else when you have access to this full catalog of striped, vested, 100% wool, shark skin and various other styles of suits. Go Suit is a top of the line company selling formal wear for men, and even some items for boys. Peruse the wide selection of hundreds of suits and accessories today, and you'll see that we have some of the best quality clothing around.

Our striped suits are tailored and offer a nice fit for men of all sizes. You will look and feel confident when you put one on for your next formal function, regardless of where you are going. You also may like to have some of them in your wardrobe for you to wear while you are in the workplace, if you have to dress up for work. Choose between charcoal, gray, brown, and other colors of these attractive suits and you can't go wrong.

It is our belief that the clothes make the man. Make a good choice for yourself or as a gift today. Or, you can purchase items for a department store or formal wear shop if you'd like. Our prices make it manageable to buy a large amount of formal clothes and accessories, so you don't have to make tough decisions. Your customers are going to be thrilled to see what you add to your racks. Contact us for more information or for assistance right away.